Hazlenut in Coffee

My coffee experience without sugar!

So having drunk coffee nearly all my life and I am one of those people who has to have about 10 sugars in my coffee.  One day in the coffee shop I over heard a local photographer say to a lady you should try sweetening you coffee with a syrup and the one he was recommending was the hazelnut syrup as it would be less calories that adding sugar!  There was me putting the 8 sugar in my coffee and thought next time I have to try this!

So the following day I got myself a hazelnut latte, also picking up a big handful of sugar too as I was slightly skeptical! So holding coffee in hand I took a swig and was pleasantly surprised, I took another swig and I was still surprised.  I got to the end of the coffee and not a sugar stick was opened!  I think I had finally found the drink where I didn’t have 10 sugars  Yay!

We were in Costa coffee, in a new branch recently opened. Not sure if its an Italian thing or nut 😉 but it sure tastes good.

Recently I found a good recipe to make your own hazelnut latte give it a go and tell me what you think!

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