Rental Coffee Machines

Rental Coffee Machines or Lease

We had been looking for a coffee machine supplier for a while, with so many to choose from London Coffee Machines were a good find, I was recommended to them by a friend and we tried one of there demonstration machines the Lavazza Easy Pod, with great options on coffee machine leasing and the machine had a wide range of pods and drinks as well, and its Italian coffee but am still unsure about rental.

Rental Coffee Machines were also of interest but the good thing about the lease is you get to own the machine at the end.

The coffee tastes great and being a pod system its much easier on the maintenance and the cleaning with much less mess.

A good option Environmentally? The only downside of the pod machines is that they produce more material waste than the traditional Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.

Back to the lease or rent a coffee machine… Another big potential benefit of a rental agreement over a lease isĀ  your coffee machine can grow with your business/company. The machine you start with will be the right machine for you at the start of a three year term is not the right machine for you a year or two later because you have outgrown it. They have an option of upgrading your coffee machine to something more appropriate to your needs.


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